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*NEW* Capezio "Hanami" Canvas Ballet Slippers [Split-Sole]


*NEW* Capezio "Hanami" Canvas Ballet Slippers [Split-Sole]

The New Hanami ballet shoes, featuring innovative four way stretch canvas uppers and streamlined fitting which shapes to the contours of the foot. Providing supreme comfort and control, thus reducing pressure on the muscles.
The Hanami split sole ballet shoes also features fitted cross-over elastics and a soft absorbent lining adding to the premium feel of this Capezio product.
Colour: Light Pink
Fitting Guide: * Please note these are small fitting.

Please note measurements are the inside measurement of the shoes.All measurements are provided as a guide and are not a guarantee. 

Size 4.0 -   Inside measurement 19.0cm
Size 4.5 -   Inside measurement 19.5cm
Size 5.0 -   Inside measurement 20.0cm
Size 5.5 -   Inside measurement 20.5cm
Size 6.0 -   Inside measurement 21.0cm
Size 6.5 -   Inside measurement 21.5cm
Size 7.0 -   Inside measurement 22.0cm
Size 7.5 -   Inside measurement 22.5cm
Size 8.0 -   Inside measurement 23.0cm
Size 8.5 -   Inside measurement 23.5cm
Size 9.0 -   Inside measurement 24.0cm

Size 9.5 -   Inside measurement 24.5cm
Size 10 -    Inside measurement 25.0cm
Size 10.5 - Inside measurement 25.5cm
Size 11 -    Inside measurement 26.0cm