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*GREAT VALUE* Bloch *Arise* Leather Ballet Shoes [Full Sole]


*GREAT VALUE* Bloch *Arise* Leather Ballet Shoes [Full Sole]


Fantastic budget Pink Leather Ballet Shoes ideal for the beginner. 

Offering fabulous value for money this Classic Ballet Slipper features a soft leather upper; full suede sole; cotton lining; pre-sewn elastics and an adjustable drawstring tie. 

Child sizes:  Suitable for a Med/Wide Foot*

Child Size 7.0 - Inside measurement 13.0cm
Child Size 7.5 - Inside measurement 13.5cm 
Child Size 8.0 - Inside measurement 14.0cm
Child Size 8.5 - Inside measurement 14.5cm
Child Size 9.0 - Inside measurement 15.0cm
Child Size 9.5 - Inside measurement 15.5cm
Child Size 10.0 - Inside measurement 16.0cm
Child Size 10.5 - Inside measurement 16.5cm
Child Size 11.0 - Inside measurement 17.0cm 
Child Size 11.5 - Inside measurement 17.5cm 
Child Size 12.0 - Inside measurement 17.75cm 
Child Size 12.5 - Inside measurement 18.0cm 
Child Size 13.0 - Inside measurement 18.5 cm 
Child Size 13.5 - Inside measurement 19.0 cm 
Child Size 1.0   - Inside measurement 19.5cm
Child Size 1.5   - Inside measurement 20.0cm 

Adult Sizes: Suitable for a Med Width Foot*

Size 2.0 -To fit 20.5cm
Size 2.5 -To fit 21.0cm
Size 3.0 -To fit 21.5cm 
Size 3.5 -To fit 22.0cm
Size 4.0 -To fit 22.5cm 
Size 4.5 -To fit 23.0cm 
Size 5.0 -To fit 23.5cm
Size 5.5 -To fit 24.0cm
Size 6.0 -To fit 24.5cm

If you are unsure of size to purchase - trace the Ballerinas foot on a piece of paper and measure from the back of the heel to the longest toe. This measurement will correspond with one of the sizes listed.

NOTE - I would not recommend allowing too much extra room for growth as these are a very soft leather and will streatch with wear. These are the approx inside measurements of shoes and are provided as a guide only.