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Suede Sole Dance Sneakers - Size 6.0  [Full Sole]

Aris Allen

Suede Sole Dance Sneakers - Size 6.0 [Full Sole]

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These Aris Allen Ultra-Light Dance Sneakers are favored by dancers for their suede soles and excellent flexibility on the dancefloor.

Ideal for practices, dance classes, workshops, dance parties and even dance competitions.

The Aris Allen Retro Runner Shoe combines the fashionable style of an old school running sneaker with the functionality of a flexible suede-bottom sole.

Light as a feather (not kidding - you actually have to pick one up yourself to believe how light they are!)

The flexibility of the sole allows your foot to move and feel the floor, while the suede bottom allows it to easily spin and slide.

Because the Aris Allen dance sneakers feature dance floor friendly suede leather soles, you can look like you're wearing ordinary sneakers without endangering your knees by dancing on rubber soles.

The foam insole is removeable! Which means that you can get a custom fit by replacing the insole with one that you've purchased to custom fit your foot (or add arch support or use orthotics, etc.) or just wear them as is.

Sizing Guide - Same as Street Shoes

Colour: Black 
Size US6.0 - Inside measurement approx 21.5cm - 22.0cm