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"Showtime" Tap Shoes - [Black]


"Showtime" Tap Shoes - [Black]


Newly upgraded with an improved shape, offering greater comfort. This shoe features a Leather upper, Leather sole with the world famous sound of Tele Tone taps (fit to edges). Slide buckle, Leather ankle strap, Padded insole w/brushed microfiber lining, Sturdy toe box, Leather wrapped heel features a buckle strap with an adjustable slide buckle.

Colour: Black

Fitting Guide: Same as Street Shoes

Sizes:  * Please note measurements are a guide only and not a guarantee. * Note: Inside measurements are provided as a guide, they are approximate and not a guarantee. *When trying on tap shoes we highly recommend trying them on carpet to prevent the taps being scratched incase the shoes need to be returned. Shoes returned with scratched taps will not be accepted.

Size 10.0 - To fit 16.0cm - 16.5cm 
Size 10.5  - To fit 26.5cm -17.0cm 
Size 11.0  - To fit 17.0cm - 17.5cm 
Size 11.5  - To fit 17.5cm - 18.0cm 
Size 12.0  - To fit 18.0cm - 18.5cm
Size 12.5  - To fit 18.5cm - 19.0cm 
Size 13.0  -T o fit 19.0cm - 19.5cm 
Size 13.5  - To fit 19.5cm - 20.0cm 
Size 1.0   -  To fit 20.0cm - 20.5cm
Size 2.0   -  To fit 20.5cm - 21.0cm
Size 4.5  - To fit 21.0cm - 21.5cm 
Size 5.0 -  To fit 21.5cm - 22.0cm