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Bloch Split Sole Tan Tap Shoes [Slip-on]- Size 5


Bloch Split Sole Tan Tap Shoes [Slip-on]- Size 5

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Bloch Style S0389L

A gorgeous slip on flexible tap shoe which allows for freedom of movement with a leather upper and an elasticized instep piece.
Non-slip Pro Balance rubber pad
Strong heel counter
Full Kashmir lining for comfort and reduced moisture
Notched collar at heel to relieve pressure on Achilles tendon
BLOCH Shockwave Taps
Leather stacked heeL

Size 5.0 - To fit 21.5cm - 22.0cm


Sizes: * Note: Inside measurements are provided as a guide, they are approximate and not a guarantee. *When trying on tap shoes we highly recommend trying them on carpet to prevent the taps being scratched incase the shoes need to be returned. Shoes returned with scratched taps will not be accepted.